Woodpeckers are a type of bird that inhabit both Terma, and to a smaller degree, Orma.

Territory Edit

Woodpeckers inhabit the forests. They prefer warm, temperate forests over the colder areas, such as the Garlant territory, although they have been known to travel into even the frigid, snow-covered areas in Terma and Orma.

Appearance Edit

There are many different species of woodpecker, but they all have elongated beaks. One of the most common is the Pileated Woodpecker, who is mostly black and white, but with a red crest.

Abilities Edit

Woodpeckers, like most birds, have the ability to fly. They usually travel in pairs or alone, and they peck holes into trees to gather bugs, grubs, sap or other nourishment.

Legends Edit

There are a few legends regarding the Woodpecker, which will be added to this page in time.