The Wild Men of Terma are terrifying creatures who dwell only in the deep forest, in places where no full-human dare venture. Cursed, evil and monstrous, Wild Men are feared ubiquitously by all city-born humans and hated by nearly all for their disgrace and vulgarity.

Territory Edit

The Wild Men are only reported within the forests, and occasionally the mountains, of Terma. Some say they exist in another realm, accessed by secret caves, but those are crazed fools.

Appearance Edit

Wild Men are tall, covered in hair, and wear few to no clothes. They could appear as primitive humans, great apes, or sometimes even a bear. They are larger than the average human, and their faces are twisted into an appearance more ape-like than human.

Abilities Edit

Wild men are three times as strong as men, according to some reports. They are also reported to be as fast as a horse. Because of their nomadic existence, they are assumed to be adept hunters, and more adept survivors. Their appearance allows them to blend with some environments in the forest.

Legends Edit

The story of the Wild Men of Terma is told to children to keep them from wandering out of their house. Some find this practice cruel, but agree that the life-long fear of Wild Men is advantageous, the few fortunate souls who have encountered these creatures agree that they are horrifying.

Some reports of kidnapping, cattle-eating, murder and even rape make Wild Men one of the most hated creatures in Terma, at least to those that believe they exist. Many city dwellers do not believe they are real.

One report states that a rider was killed when galloping through the woods. A Wild Man detected him, and ran alongside the horse, punching it in the head and killing it and the rider in one strike.

The Wild Men of the Terman forest are slightly below what one would call human. In Shcot legend, they are said to be children of a man named Falneer, who had an affair with a Landon woman, cheating on the Goddess Callea, patron of the mountains, moon and the hunt. The woman was cursed by the Goddess and became pregnant, and the children were hairy, hideous beasts that could not be controlled. The woman was burned at the stake and the man put to death to appease the Goddess.