The Volgrants are the strongest, most fearsome people in Terma.

Territory Edit

The Volgrants do not have any defined borders, but they generally inhabit the frozen wastelands and islands in the North of Terma. They have extreme naval prowess in those northern lands. Presumably, they have many villages, spread far and few between.

Government Edit

The Volgrants have a clan-system, wherein each group or village is represented by a Chief. These Chieftains gather together in councils to make decisions, however they also make many decisions on their own.

Origins Edit

It is believed by some that the Volgrants were once a Shcot tribe. Both groups are built muscularly, make use of the broadsword above many other weapons, and write in runes. However, there is no firm evidence as to the Volgrants' origins.

History Edit

The existence of the Volgrants was not always known to the main factions of Terma, but rumours of giants in the north have been common for centuries.

Expertise Edit

The Volgrants make some of the strongest and fastest ships ever seen in Terma, rivalled mainly by those of the Fairlans. They are experts at fighting, being capable of defeating stronger opponents even without a weapon. Their weapons are made crudely, but effectively, specifically the Broadsword, Mace and Long Bow. More recently they have begun to make use of the Crossbow as well.

When combined, their expertise at sailing and combat make the Volgrants devastatingly effective raiders. Very few survive the onslaught of a Volgrant ship.