The Unity Swords are a quartet of finely crafted long blades made in the year 5 AGC. Peace was still a novelty, and the four factions decided to make symbols of their companionship. Therefore, the swords were designed and forged. They combined the runes of the Shcots, the metal of the Garlants, the design of the Fairlans, and the seal of the Landons. One of these swords was given to each of the factions, but over time the significance was forgotten, and those who know of the swords are rare in this age.

The locations of a few of the swords are still known.

Fairlans Unknown
Garlants In the collection of General Arant Von Scnovts
Landons Unknown
Shcots In the possession of Theron Ardin, unbeknownst to him.

Features Edit

  • Runes which imbue magical properties, eg. Glow when near enemies
  • Perfect weight and handle, ideal for combat
  • Extreme duration
  • Rarely requires sharpening