Turgen was a famed Volgrant warrior, now, he is nothing more than a Vampire.

Personality Edit

Prior to his vampirism, Turgen was a cruel, bloodthirsty warrior, always in search of another battle. He had a strong sense of honour.

Post-vampirism, Turgen is a cruel, animalistic, bloodthirsty creature, constantly searching for a meal. He lives to survive, nothing more, nothing less.

Biography Edit

Turgen was born the son of a Volgrant raider, his father brought him on his first raid at the age of 9. When the boat landed, the raiders met little resistance, and Turgen was enthralled in watching the people as they were cut down and killed. Joyfully, he joined in with a screech of his own, the survivors would later call him the "Child Demon". He killed anyone and anything that moved, in a nearly maniacal manor. After the raid it was realized he would be a great warrior. Unfortunately, his father died when Turgen was only 15. The village that killed him was slaughtered, painfully and without mercy, by Turgen himself. He became the best warrior the Volgrants had known for ages, his sword named "The Bloodseeker". Eventually, lead an assault against a city that had recently been attacked by vampires. At the end of the battle only a child escaped his wrath, fleeing to the forest and becoming a vampire himself. This child sought to kill Turgen, the murderer of his people, and in doing so became a powerful Vampire Chief.

This child took the name of Ruin, leading an army 100 strong against Turgen's home. While the vampires were decimated, Ruin attacked Turgen in his chambers, but Turgen survived. In the ensuing struggle, Turgen killed Ruin, but was bitten in the process. Turgen knew he had to leave or face condemnation, so he took his sword and left his homelands, going to new fortunes and going to deal with the curse that is vampirism.

At some point, Turgen lost the use of one of his arms. The vampirism also significantly weakened him.

Some time later, Turgen encountered the young Theron Ardin near Sitheachdon by the River. The two warriors engaged in combat, and after Turgen fatigued and collapsed, Ardin decided to spare his life, bringing him to see Danlid Acmatsia, a man who sent them to Orma in search of a cure for Vampirism.