Trigaln are large semi-aquatic reptilian creatures that inhabit marshes and swamp forests in mid and lower Terma.

Territory Edit

The Trigaln inhabits mashes and swamps forests in mid to low Terma. They are rarely seen by humans and only live in remote swamps. Some reports say they have been spotted in lakes and the sea.

Appearance Edit

Trigaln are reported to be ape like in movement, walking in both bipedal and quadrupedal positions, although their four-legged stance is more common. Standing on its hind legs, a large male Trigaln can stand up to seven feet tall. Females are smaller than males. They sometimes reach a weight of 500 pounds or more.

Abilities Edit

Trigaln are capable of swimming long distances at great speeds. They run faster than most humans and have three times the strength of a man.

Legends Edit

In the Landon fairy tale "The Maiden and the Lizard" a savage Shcot kidnaps a young Fairlan woman and gives her to a Trigaln. However, a brave and noble Landon Knight comes along and, after a battle, stabs the beast in the belly, slaying it. There after the Fairlan woman denounces her country and marries her deliverer. This is thought by other factions to have been war propaganda.