The Torgon is one of the most powerful beasts in Orma and the surrounding lands.

Territory Edit

The Torgon inhabits the jungles and mountains of Orma, rarely venturing close to the Sholan settlements.

Appearance Edit

The Torgon is the size of a horse, and very similar to the rare Orman beast known as the Tiger. On the Torgon's tail, there is a shield of spikes, akin to the spikes on a Porcupine.

Abilities Edit

The Torgon is capable of jumping very far, and can be more silent than the night. It hunts many forms of prey throughout Orma, including the odd human who has ventured too deep into the jungle. The Torgon can stand its own against predators far larger than itself, such as the Phoenix.

Legends Edit

There are many legends of the Torgon. One common primitive Orman story is that the Torgon was descended from one of two brotherly gods.