Theron Ardin, known to most simply as Ardin, is a Shcot who was exiled from his clan for accidentally luring a dragon to their village.

Personality Edit

Ardin tries to appease all those around him, but he has been dealt a tough lot in life. He is polite, relatively quiet, and finds his best companionship in animals.

Biography Edit

Ardin was disowned by his family because he was not his mother's husbands child. He worked as a farm hand for years, in this time he also learned how to hunt and came into the ownership of a horse and a hunting cat. He also, at some point, came into contact with an ancient rune-sword, its importance unknown to him.

When Ardin brought a bear to town for a feast, he was shocked to discover that a dragon had followed him. When the dragon attacked, his half-brother, Martin, fought it off, but Ardin was nonetheless banished from the clan. He left with his belongings, and eventually came to Sitheachdon by the River, where he encountered Phoenix, and shortly thereafter, a Vampire. He engaged the vampire in combat, and nearly killed him. However, Ardin decided to spare the man, and gave him some of his own blood. He then brought the vampire to see an old Sholan, Danlid Acmatsia, who was living in the village, who told of a cure for vampirism that was only available far off in the land of Orma. Ardin then accompanied the vampire on his way towards Orma, wanting to flee the Shcot lands before he was punished for the Dragon incident.

Companions Edit