The Terman Calendar is a system in which days are grouped into months, and months, in turn, are grouped into years. The current Calendar begins when the Great Conflict was brought to an end by the signing of a peace treaty. The current year is 212. In reference to years after 0, the abbreviation AGC is used (After the Great Conflict)

0 AGC Edit

  • The Great Conflict ends with the signing of a treaty by the Shcot-Fairlan and Landon-Garlant alliances.
  • The New Calendar is created as part of the efforts to forget about the dark ages of conflict.

5 AGC Edit

  • The Unity Swords are forged and one is given to each faction, for them to do with it as they wish.

55 AGC Edit

64 AGC Edit

  • Sir Erebius Phelix' second documentation of Lycan pack migration is swiftly ceased by the scholar's demise.

125 AGC Edit

  • Birth of Danlid Acmatsia, one of the oldest known humans as of the year 212.

201 AGC Edit

203 AGC Edit

212 AGC