The Palace of Ornton is a huge building inhabited by the royalty of Ornton, meaning that at the moment its tenants are the court of Count Orelius and himself.

Appearance Edit

The Palace is one of the largest buildings in Terma. There is a large spire in the centre of a large, elegant square-shaped building with fortified walls. Since the original construction, more battlements have been added to the exterior of the palace, such as stables, guest houses, and a private room for the Count with a glorious view of the city. There is also the large garden, surrounded by walls and often patrolled by guards.

Geography Edit

The Palace is located in the centre of the city of Ornton, which is located in essentially the centre of the county of Ornton. There is a large garden on one side of the palace, where ordinary citizens are barred from entering.

History Edit

The Palace was built over several generations, out of bricks as dark as could be found so that the building created an ominous presence which will always remind the citizens of who is in charge, and inspire them to work forever to improve their county.