The Land of Terma is a place where adventure awaits. There lie five factions, four of them with histories longer than the life of the sun. There also lie great beasts, vast forests, huge mountains, and so many stories, yet to be told...

Geography Edit

Terma is a large continent. On most sides it is surrounded by sea, but occasionally there is a stretch of island that connects Terma to its sister-continent, Orma. There are also many islands.

In Terma, there are many diverse biomes and ecosystems, but most common are dense, beautiful forests.

The political landscape of Terma is not concise and ever shifting. Currently, the Shcots inhabit the eastern shores, with the Fairlans on the southern shores. The Landons control the western part of the south, and in the north are the Garlants. Far above them live the savage Volgrants.

History Edit

Long ago, there was a great war between the four main factions of Terma. Much of what happened during the war has now been lost to time, but it is known that afterwards, the four nations, finally returned to peace, crafted great swords using their many diverse skills. These swords were magical, and they too have been lost.

Etymology Edit

"Terma" comes from the word "Terra", meaning earth, and presumably, "ma" means something akin to continent or land.