Sitheachdon by the River is a large Shcot village, composed from a variety of different cultures and people. It is a very unique place in Terma, where different groups exist in harmony.

Geography Edit

Sitheachdon by the River is located at a fork in a river, making it a very useful location for travellers from afar. It is easily accessible and as such has become one of the largest and most influential villages among the Shcots.

History Edit

When first discovered, Sitheachdon was considered a mysterious place, because of several strange occurrences. Since then it has become a very busy place, its culture unique. While the majority of the inhabitants are Shcots, there is also a large Fairlan population, quite a few Landons, and several Garlants. There is even one or two members of the Sholan living in Sitheachdon.

Etymology Edit

Sitheachdon was named for the mysterious occurrences surrounding its discovery and founding, its name coming from an ancient Shcot word for "Mysterious" or "Faerie-Like". The second part of the name comes from its location near a river.