The Sirbans are a very primitive group of nomadic people in northern Orma.

Territory Edit

The Sirbans do not have any defined borders, but they roam the frigid northern sections of Orma.

Government Edit

It is presumed the Sirbans are not yet at the stage in which they have organized leadership.

Origins Edit

The origin of the Sirbans is unknown. They have only appeared within the last century or so, and because of their remoteness, it confuses many as to how a whole new group of people could have appeared in Orma.

History Edit

The Sirbans have not existed long enough to develop historically significant events.

Expertise Edit

Because of their nomadic lifestyle, it is presumed that the Sirbans are adept at hunting and gathering. It has also been noted that they occasionally ride huge, thunderous beasts called Mammoths.