Sir Erebius Phelix was an esteemed beastologist with a profound interest in Lycans. This interest eventually lead to his death.

Personality Edit

Sir Phelix was not a very normal man. His eccentricities were balanced by his somewhat evident social aptitude, but this created a very strange man. He could easily entertain a roomful of people with stories, anecdotes and questions, but he felt equally at home when he was in the wild with animals.

Biography Edit

Sir Phelix developed a small reputation as a devoted beastologist, but he did not gain fame until after his observations of Lycan packs.

Sir Erebius Phelix pursued a pack of Lycans for three years, observing their every behaviour as the pack travelled back and forth, covering a large swath of land in Terma. When he finally completed this experimental pursuit, he announced that Lycans moved in giant representations of ancient symbols. This claim was recounted across the entirety of the Fairlan territories, and to a lesser degree in the territory of the Landons and Garlants. Sir Phelix planned and set out for another expedition, but he was killed by Lycans before he could gather any more information.

Legacy Edit

Sir Erebius Phelix was knighted posthumous, and is remembered as a brave, eccentric, and enlightened scientist. Unfortunately, there have been no scientists who continued his work, which leaves the mystery of the Lycan migration exactly that: A Mystery.