The Shcots are a race of muscular, proud folk living in the land of Terma.

Territory Edit

The Shcots control a large swath of land near the eastern interior and shore of Terma. Their land has large forests, grasslands, a mountain or two, and several large rivers. To the north, the Shcots are confronted by the Garlants, and to the south they find the Fairlans. To the west are empty lands for a while, and then the Landons.

The Shcot villages are spread thin among their land, each with varying degrees of advancement and population.

Government Edit

The Shcots are divided into Clans/Tribes, each with their own Chief(s). The Chiefs control judiciary matters, trade, warfare and other day-to-day decisions on the direction of the tribes.

Origins Edit

The origins of the Shcots are unknown.

History Edit

The Shcots have long been recognised for their runes, but it is unknown when they began to write in that way.

Everyday Life Edit

The Shcots wear primitive but stylish clothes, while some of their more advanced villages have had influence from the other factions. Sewing has been an imported staple of their clothing for decades.

Traditionally, Shcots live in log houses.

Expertise Edit

The Shcots are experts at equestrian events, and they are very strong warriors, using mainly Long Swords and Bows. They are very good at hunting, and have developed important farming techniques. While they are not as advanced as the other factions, the Shcots are still recognized as an honourable and formidable group.