Rupert, known to his friends as "Pert", is a Guardsman of Erinvale.

Personality Edit

Rupert is a very kind man. He joined the guard because he wanted to impress the ladies of Erinvale, but soon found that he thoroughly enjoyed helping others. Having served for around two decades, Rupert still loves helping others through his Guard duties.

Biography Edit

At the age of 23, Rupert, who was very fit, decided to apply for a position in the Guard of Erinvale, hoping that a position of authority would impress women. He received the job, and soon found that he loved being a Guard. He became very devoted to his work, trying to stay away from the politics that come with any position at all related to government.

Two decades later, Rupert was happily married with two children. He hoped to continue serving in the guard for a few more years.

Rupert was at some point selected to serve in the defence of Countess Elizabeth Primis during a trip to Ornton. The party encountered Chelsette Fanlasi, a member of the Fox Thieves Syndicate posing as a victim of bandits. When the Countess ordered the caravan to continue without stopping, Rupert displayed sympathy for the girl.