Runes are an ancient writing method developed by the first three Shcot tribes. Very few people are able to decipher them today.

Origins Edit

Runes were created by priests in the first three Shcot tribes, many, many years before The Great Conflict. These writings were thought to have spiritual connections and mystic effects.

Uses Edit

Runes were inscribed on the Unity Swords given to each faction after the first conflict, these swords had craftsmanship of all the factions. Runes that are inscribed on weapons by holymen and priests are thought to signify a destiny for the weapon or its user.

Effects Edit

Runes posses some amount of low magic. Swords inscribed with them are stronger, lighter and last longer. Effects on other weapons are unknown. Runes can often times glow at random or when they are near something else of magic properties.