Pirates are a group of sea-faring savages, who steal, murder and conquer to make a living. With the rise of the Fairlan, Landon and Garlant Armadas, as well as the increase in Volgrant raids, Pirates no longer make as many raids on the main-land of Terma, but they are a force to be reckoned with on the sea, and on the islands in it.

Territory Edit

The Pirates roam the seas of Terma, with some small outposts located on the many islands.

Government Edit

Each Pirate works for him/her self. Occasionally, two Pirate captains will collaborate in a raid, but treachery and deceit are common.

Origins Edit

The first Pirates were either Fairlan or Landon sailors who went rogue. Whichever it is, they now form the majority of the pirate population. There are also many Shcots among the Pirate crews, and some Island Dwellers.