Pigeons are small, avian creatures that inhabit Terma, and occasionally are seen in Orma. Some people have domesticated them.

Territory Edit

Pigeons live in the forests, and more commonly, the fields of Terma. They also live in some of the Garlant and Fairlan villages.

Appearance Edit

Pigeons are small, brown or grey, and otherwise shaped like a normal bird. They are wing-flappers, not gliders.

Abilities Edit

Pigeons can fly for long distances, but they rest at random depending on how they feel.

Some pigeons have been domesticated by people from all of the factions. It is not a societal thing, but more of a personal preference. The pigeons are used to send messages across long distances. Having pigeons in the area also helps with insect control, so they are often encouraged to live near farms or agricultural communities.

Legends Edit

The Garlant General Arant Mandolph Von Scnovts was notorious for his use of pigeons as messengers.