The Phoenix is a legendary beast in Terma.

Territory Edit

The Phoenix roams all across Terma. Somewhere in the mountains is a nest for the Phoenix, and it is known that for lustra, the Phoenix lived near a large forest, a forest which included Sitheachdon by the River.

Appearance Edit

The Phoenix is around six meters tall, with a wingspan of around seven meters, and his head a mixture of a falcon and an eagle. When not ablaze, his feathers are a shining golden-brown. When he is burning, his appearance is more of a flame-orange, like a comet flying through the sky, or a single pillar of ritualistic fire standing alone on a mountain top.

Abilities Edit

The Phoenix is an adept flier, with very strong wings and good endurance. His flames can burn his surroundings or the other organisms around him, and he is immortal. Whenever he is maimed, his body rejuvenates itself.

Legends Edit

There are many legends of the Phoenix.