Pantodonts are large, herbivorous, and dangerous mammals that originated in Terma, but are now considered more populous in Orma.

Territory Edit

Pantodonts, though once somewhat common, have become rather rare in Terma. They inhabit every biome where there is sufficient vegetation for them to survive. Pantodonts are not excessively territorial.

Appearance Edit

Pantodonts have an appearance similar to a bear's, but with a slightly more elongated head and a thinner body. They also have large canines visible even when their mouths are closed. The final notable difference (in shape) compared to bears is a much longer tail.

In terms of posture, Pantodonts usually use a quadrupedal stance, but when threatened, or when trying to reach nourishment at the top of trees, they will occasionally assume a bipedal stance, which can bring their height up to eleven feet. To add to their imposing appearance, they have large claws on their front limbs.

Abilities Edit

Being herbivorous, the purposes of Pantodonts have two main purposes: Obtaining food, and fending off predators. In pursuit of the first, Pantodonts have claws for grasping leaves and many teeth adapted for consuming vegetation. For defence, Pantodonts have their huge size, their claws, and of course their strength, as well as their purely frightening appearance.