Orma is a continent to the west of Terma. It is full of mystery, specifically the faction known as the Sholan. The only other known faction is the primitive Sirbans.

Geography Edit

Orma is a large continent, with many varying climates. There are three main biomes, though.

The majority of the Sholan population in the west is located in areas that, prior to terraformation, were jungle. Their towns are still surrounded by vast expanses of jungle, where one could easily be lost.

Another portion of the Sholan territory is mountainous. The mountains are prevalent throughout Orma, but the most well known range is known as the Fenbien Mountains, which separate the jungles from the tundra.

The last major region is the tundra, which covers nearly the entire northern half of Orma. This biome is inhabited by the Sholan and, more extensively, the Sirbans.

There are many temples in Orma, some so old that they have been forgotten and lost, deep in the jungles or the mountains.

History Edit

It is unknown when Orma was first colonized, or whether it was colonized before or after Terma. Some scholars believe that the lack of competition allowed the Sholans to progress more quickly, but others argue that this should have made the Sholan lazy. Another theory is that there were once an equal number of factions in Orma and Terma, but the Sholan developed technological advantages and assimilated their opponents, creating a super state. At some point, the Sholan also developed the use of magic.

Etymology Edit

Orma comes from the word "Oriental", as some of the factions in Orma are based off of Oriental cultures, such as the Chinese and Japanese. "Ma" is simply a suffix used for all continents.