Moa are extremely rare birds, thought by most Termans to be legends. They are often associated with mystical powers.

Very few Moa have ever stepped foot on Terma. The ones who have were all brought to the land by travelling merchants who sailed far and wide to find them.

Territory Edit

There are very few reports of where the Moa actually live. The common description given is "An Island", but no sailor has been willing to share the details of their precious find. Wherever the Moa is found, it is not on Terma.

Appearance Edit

The Moa that have been seen on Terma are usually brightly coloured, in earthly golds, browns and oranges. There is also the occasional black Moa. Moa are tall, the largest specimens being over three meters in height. They have bushy feathers, long necks, sturdy but still long legs, a slightly larger head-to-body ratio than most other birds, and no visible wings. They have beaks, and no teeth.

Abilities Edit

Being a flightless bird, Moa rely on other defensive strategies, such as kicking with their strong legs, and intimidating their prey with their sharp beak and imposing stature. It is said that a Moa can support the weight of a human, and that they can reach speeds faster than a horse, so theoretically they would be a very good mode of transportation.

Legends Edit

Many presume that there are Moa under the ownership of the Landon and Fairlan royalties, because they would be some of the only people wealthy enough to buy Moa.

There is a story that long ago, there was a great warrior who crossed the land and could transform into a great bird. Some scholars now believe that this warrior was in the possession of a Moa, and he used it for mobility.

The Ancient Garlant god Tayru-Mothon, patron of chaos, the wilderness and the hunt, is often depicted with a giant bird as a companion. While some think this may be a representation of the Phoenix, others believe that it could be an interpretation of a Moa.

Many other legends have been recorded in connection with this rare bird, and many come from the Island Dwellers in the Western seas. To this day, sailors always search for the mystical Island of the Moa.