Martin is the half-brother of Theron Ardin, and widely considered to be a future leader of the Shcot people. He is a renowned warrior.

Personality Edit

Martin is very confrontational, and willing to benefit off of the losses of others. It is possible that he argued for Ardin's punishment to the extent that it would create a familiar villain who he could vanquish after having defeated the nameless threat of the dragon. However, this would suggest extensive planning which it is not believed that Martin possessed. Another possibility is that he had been searching for an excuse to banish Ardin, and the dragon simply arrived at the right time. His desire could stem from Ardin's weakness, which brought shame upon his house, or the reminder that Ardin was of his mother's infidelity, undoubtedly something Martin would rather forget.

Biography Edit

Martin was born prior to Ardin, and since Ardin's birth he has resented him as only a half-brother.

After Ardin brought a dead Bear to the village, a Dragon attacked. Martin lead a group of soldiers to fight the Dragon, all the while campaigning for Ardin's punishment. The Shcots managed to fend off the dragon, but they suffered some losses.

It is presumed by many that some day Martin will take a role as a leader of the Shcots.