Mammoths are large, legendary beasts that are said to inhabit the farthest-north parts of Orma.

Territory Edit

Mammoths are said to inhabit the coldest, most northern areas in Orma. Some believe that they also inhabited the northern parts of Terma, on account of large bones and legends.

Appearance Edit

Mammoths are enormous, sometimes growing to nearly 7 meters in height. They have shaggy, brown fur, varying in shade from dark to a nearly red tint. They also have long trunks, and two enormous curved tusks. Some Mammoths have large ears, while on others, the ears are barely noticeable.

Abilities Edit

Mammoths are said to be used by the Sirbans for transportation of people and supplies.

Legends Edit

Mammoths are fabled to be ridden by the Sirbans in the far north of Orma, however those who tell these stories can not be trusted, as they have usually recently travelled to frigid, far away waters and may be insane.

Some Garlant historians claim that long ago, Mammoths existed in the northern parts of Terma. They were used as a source of food, and their large bones and tusks were used to create weapons and tools. Due to over-hunting from the vile Volgrants and the ruthless Garlants, the Terman Mammoths were driven to extinction, now having become a long-forgotten memory.