The Lycan is a large, carnivorous, and highly dangerous canine.

Territory Edit

Lycans inhabit the entirety of Terma, but seem to gravitate towards the Garlant settlements, be it due to the colder temperatures or the increased population. Lycans are not excessively territorial; They migrate in packs to find better hunting grounds.

Appearance Edit

Lycans resemble huge, menacing wolves. They are often a more icy grey than their common counterparts, but instead of the sharp-edged, whitish fur causing them to stand out more, it actually makes many people believe they are seeing mirages or fog. Some Lycans appear to have red eyes.

Skills Edit

Lycans are completely untameable, and as such they are only observed in the wild. From what has been observed, Lycans travel either alone or in packs of varying size. Occasionally, multiple packs have been known to collaborate with each other. Lycans are known to take on anything that can provide them with a meal, such as hunters, farm houses, villages and large cities. There is even an instance in which Lycans attacked a Garlant training plateau of 100 soldiers.

Some people have observed that Lycans prefer colder temperatures. This is unproven, but quite possible.

Lycans have enormous, sharp teeth and deadly claws. They are often said to be stronger than the strongest of men.

Legends Edit

One Fairlan, Sir Erebius Phelix, spent three years following a pack of wild Lycans. He claimed that their migratory movements were representative of large, ancient symbols. He began to pursue another pack, however he was slain, presumably by the Lycans, before he could gather any further information. No one has been brave enough to attempt his work again.