Loyset Haveron is a Captain in the Royal Ornton Army.

Personality Edit

The Captain is adept at hiding his emotions, as any military commander should be. His mental forté of strategy is not something often recognized, but it is something to be feared. Behind his mask, the captain removes himself completely from the outside world, and his strategic abilities can be realized.

Biography Edit

Loyset was born to an ordinary family with noble blood. His grandfather had been the last in a long line of accomplished soldiers, but his career had ended in scandal, barring his son from achieving any career in the military even if he had sought one. Loyset, however, was able to prove his worth in the military and rose to be a captain; it was not as distinguished a role as his family had held in the past, but not completely without honour..

Loyset served for several years in the Palace Guard, and was doing so at the age of 35 when he escorted the caravan of Elizabeth Primis through the streets of Ornton to Count Orelius' palace. The next morning, he was also the guard who escorted the Countess to the Count's office.