Laire Sangster is the daughter of Ulsar Sangster, Chief of Sitheachdon, her home village.

Personality Edit

Laire is amicable, very social, an extrovert, and somewhat rebellious. She greets everyone with the same smile, wave and cheerful voice. Her mood is nearly always positive. Laire enjoys going to social events, such as parties or dances, and though she is somewhat distant from others her age, she still enjoys their company. Laire enjoys the dopamine release from doing things she probably shouldn't, but she listens to authority figures such as her father and the soldiers around town.

Biography Edit

During Laire's childhood, she was a very joyful and energetic child. She amused and befriended many of the adults in her village, such as Yannick Loumon.

At the age of 19, Laire met Karthra Von Carax, but this was quickly overshadowed by the arrival of the Phoenix in her town. She proceeded to inform the rest of the town, and then went to see the Phoenix herself. Unfortunately, her father insisted that she stay away from the bird, and so she went rebelliously to the local pub, where she encountered Leif Rimnis. She assisted in a bar fight, and then fled with Leif and Karthra. Outside the pub, they encountered the Phoenix. Laire proceeded to touch the Phoenix, and after feeling great elation, she fainted.

While unconscious, Laire experienced strange dreams of fire and drifting colours. She awoke to find that the Phoenix, and a dragon who had arrived while she slept, were gone. The village was still on high alert, and her father rushed to find her amidst the fray. He succeeded, bringing her back to their house to rest.