Kyle Lyne is a travelling mercenary of Fairlan origin.

Personality Edit

Kyle is hot-headed, impulsive and a joker. His actions usually are not thought out past "That would be cool!" or "That'd work!". His personality conflicts fiercely with that of his family, a rich, upper-class, sophisticated bloodline.

Biography Edit

Kyle was born to a wealthy family, but he never really fit in. At the age of 16, he managed to defeat a Barlo with only a longsword, gaining him the moniker "Iron Fist".

At the age of 18, with his crossbow skills well honed, Kyle left home to become a travelling mercenary. At the age of 19, he was in a Sitheachdon by the River for some period of time. While there, he encountered Leif Rimnis and Karthra, who were under the pretence of siblings for the purposes of their mission. He offered them a place to stay while they were in the town, and after accompanying them past the city walls, he returned to his room at the local inn.

Kyle later decided to go hunting, and managed to kill a Barlo. However, on his return to the village, he noticed the dragon's attack and fired a bolt from his crossbow, which struck the dragon and caused some pain.