Count Knoft Orelius is the Count of Ornton. He is a descendant of a long hereditary line of Counts in Ornton.

Personality Edit

Knoft Orelius is a very selfish and arrogant man. His belief is that the Orelian line is the only line capable of being royalty effectively. Thankfully, he sees that his army, despite its immense strength, is not enough to topple that of the King. Therefore he is known to be "Plotting" against the royal house, however, no one believes he will ever be capable of manoeuvring himself into power. This has turned him into somewhat of a recluse; publicly he is the proud, inspiring ruler of Ornton, but privately he meets only with the officials whom he trusts completely.

Biography Edit

Knoft Orelius was born to Damian Orelius and Dors Orelius. He was raised and taught in the ways of being a Count, and when his father died he was more than ready to take over his duties and lead Ornton. Since then, Knoft has become further and further secluded from social life, making only grand public appearances.

At the age of 37, Knoft finally had crafted a plan he felt could secure him the kingdom. He contacted Elizabeth Primis, Countess of the nearby Erinvale, to assist him in his plan.