Karthra Von Carax is a strong-willed woman high in the ranks of the Garlant army.

Personality Edit

Karthra is strong willed, and may appear cold to those who do not know her well. However, those who know her well can recognize that she is only presenting this hard-edged personality as a result of her years in the tough environment that is the Garlant army. Beneath, one can see that she is actually a kind person, but this rarely is seen on the surface.

Biography Edit

Karthra was born in a Garlant village.

As a girl, she was different. Other girls loved horses, dolls, dogs and babies, but Karthra loved the Bow and Arrow. Despite her mother's disapproval and verbal abuse, she left home to begin her training at age 15. The General himself convinced Karthra's father to allow her to join the army. He was a very influential part of her training.

At the age of 23, Karthra has become a respected soldier in the Garlant Army, well known within her division. She was chosen as the second in command for a scouting mission, the commander of the mission being Leif Rimnis. They were interrupted en route to the Shcots by a Lycan and some Barlos, which caused their group to split. Karthra reunited with Leif near a river, and also met the Phoenix. Karthra and Leif, under the alias of siblings, continued towards a small Shcot village, where they met Kyle Lyne, a Fairlan Mercenary who offered them a room to stay in while in town. Karthra then met Laire Sangster, the daughter of the village's chief, who agreed to help Karthra and Leif find transportation. Karthra later rejoined Leif at a local bar, and returned to the bar when a fight erupted. She scared off a woman who tried to kill Laire, and then helped to rescue Laire when she fainted after confronting the Phoenix. The two of them were confronted by a dragon shortly afterwards, but this fate was averted by the interference of Leif and the Phoenix. Unfortunately, her commander was carried away during the fight. Once Laire was safely in the protection of her father, Karthra set out to find her commander, which she succeeded in doing, shooting a Titanodon in the process.

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