Guardsman Joffrey Tremblemacker is a royal guardsman from the county of Erinvale, who serves under the Countess Elizabeth Primis.

Personality Edit

Joffrey is an obedient member of the Erinvale Guard. He may not fully agree with the actions of the Countess, but he knows that they further the goals of Erinvale, and since that is his job, he supports the Countess. He is a fairly new recruit into the Guard, but he is beginning to prove his worth.

Biography Edit

Joffrey began to train to become a guard at the age of 15. By the time he was 20, his position in the Guard was guaranteed, and less than two years later he was serving in the Castle Corps of Erinvale. At some point, he was selected to guard the Countess on a journey to Ornton. Along the path, they encountered Chelsette Fanlasi, a member of the Fox Thieves Syndicate, who posed as the victim of bandits.