The Island Dwellers are very primitive people living in the seas to the east of Terma. They are not organized into one large faction, rather they are a menagerie of separate tribes, some that have encountered each other and some that have not.

Territory Edit

Each tribe of Island Dwellers usually inhabits one small island, occasionally more. The majority of the islands in the eastern sea are inhabited by Island Dwellers. Island Dwellers usually don't venture far from their home.

Government Edit

Each tribe organizes themselves differently, but the most common method is the election of a Chieftain, who serves until death or extradition. Some tribes who have encountered each other have formed small inter-tribal councils to discuss fishing jurisdictions and trade.

Origins Edit

The origin of the Island Dwellers is completely unknown, but they have inhabited the islands since before the Terman groups began mapping the ocean.

History Edit

There is very little to tell of Island Dweller history, just there is very little known about the people themselves.

Expertise Edit

The Island Dwellers have created many types of boats and rafts, all of them very small. They are used for transportation, and also for fishing. The Island Dwellers have very effective aquaculture.