The Hunting Cat is a mid-sized felid that dwells in the land of Terma. Some members of the species have been domesticated.

Territory Edit

The Hunting Cat roams the forests and plains of north-eastern Terma, in the lands of the Garlants and Shcots. To the Garlants, it is a savage pest that kills poultry and fights dogs. However, the Shcots have domesticated the creature, bringing it out of its forests and plains and into the less-developed villages.

Appearance Edit

Hunting Cats are fairly large for a cat, around one and a half meters in length and a meter in height. They appear in brown, brown and striped, grey-brown, grey-orange and black variants. They have 26 sharp teeth and extremely dangerous claws on each foot.

Abilities Edit

The Hunting Cat is one of the most dangerous and adept creatures in all of Terma. Some say it is descended from the mighty Torgon of Orma, but the geographical distance is far too great for this to be widely supported. Hunting cats have sharp teeth and claws, this combined with their size gives them the ability to battle against Wolves, Greater Eagles, Foxes and Dogs without fear of certain death.

Domesticated Hunting Cats are used to hunt animals one might otherwise pursue with a dog, including Birds, Deer, and Bears. They can jump up to twelve feet (Four meters) while carrying prey, such as a Chicken, and have been known to run along side Horses for miles.

Most Hunting Cats are thought to possess twice the intelligence of their canine counter-parts, hunting dogs. For this reason, they are widely preferred among the Shcots.