Horses are fast, strong, domesticated creatures native to Terma and Orma. They are a common mode of transportation over long terrestrial distances.

Territory Edit

Horses are seen in the wild most often in large grassland areas, although it is said that in Orma, some horses have adapted to live in the snow-covered tundra.

Appearance Edit

Horses vary in appearance depending on species, but the average horse is 1.6 meters tall and 2.4 meters long. They are most often a shining chestnut-brown, with a slightly darker mane, however there are also black, grey, tan and white horses.

Abilities Edit

Horses can run continuously for hours on end at very high speeds. They are also capable of carrying or pulling very heavy loads, such as carcasses.

Legends Edit

Horses have often been associated with deities representing speed or power.