Greater Eagles, also know by some as Golden Falcons or Hawks, are large avian predators that inhabit the mountains and forests of Terma.

Territory Edit

Greater Eagles inhabit the mountains and forests of all four Terman faction areas, and all the wilds. They are found below the Arctic circle and are never seen in Orma. Greater Eagles build nests in high secluded places.

Appearance Edit

Greater Eagles are generally brown feathered, occasionally black. Black Eagles are also know as "The Birds of Death".

With an average wing length of about 9 1/2 to 10 feet long and a reported total span of 19 feet tip to tip, the Greater Eagle is a powerful looking bird, and it features on many Garlant emblems.

Abilities Edit

The Greater Eagle is a commanding bird with powerful talons and a sharp beak. Its menu is a large one: Mice, Rabbits, Hunting Cat kits, Wolf pups, Salmon, small Deer and Goats are just a few of its potential prey items.

No one knows the exact speed of a Greater Eagle's flight, but they have been reported to fly faster than a horse can run, and some claim they dive faster then an arrow can fly.

Value Edit

Because of their size, strength and rarity, Greater Eagles are occasionally given as gifts to those in power. General Arant was known to possess two of these animals in his "collection", they are kept in an aviary with golden leafing.

Legends Edit

Some believe that the Phoenix was originally a Golden Falcon, though many stories relate him as an ordinary hawk.