The Garlants are a group of highly intelligent humans located in the mid-north of Terma.

Territory Edit

The Garlant territory is one of the most expansive of the four main factions in Terma. They are the northern-most of the four as well, located in the mid-north of Terma. In their western quarter, they have mountainous land, and to their east is the ocean. Their northern borders lead into miles upon miles of wild-land, somewhere among this frozen, barren wasteland the Volgrants make their abode. To the south, the Shcots are their closest neighbours.

In the land the Garlants inhabit, they build forts, and then build cities around these forts, ensuring that each city is well defended.

Government Edit

The Garlants are governed by their Overlord, who has powers much like a dictator, being able to do whatever he or she wishes. Beneath him, there are a number of Generals, all of whom have control over taxation, parts of the army, and declaring war.

Origins Edit

Much of Garlant history is unknown, but many believe a group of scientifically-inclined dissidents from another faction banded together to create what is now one of the strongest forces Terma has ever seen.

History Edit

The Garlants originated a long time ago, before the current confines of Terman history. Throughout history, the Garlants have been ambitious, always expanding their territory, knowledge and technological limits.

Expertise Edit

The Garlants are highly intelligent, always in search of new technology. Their most advanced warfare technology includes the Catapult and Ballista, as well as Fire Powder, which they received from the Sholan. They also have a large cavalry.