The Fox Thieves Syndicate, also known as the Fox Syndicate, is a group of thieves and outlaws that have banded together for protection and mutual gain. They share a sense of family in their connection.

Territory Edit

The Syndicate has several bases throughout Terma, with stronger forces in the territory of the Fairlans and the Landons. Despite its position as one of the most prolific crime organizations in Terma, it is completely unheard of in Orma. It is possible they have some agents in the southern islands, acting as Pirates.

Origins Edit

The syndicate appeared only in the last fifteen years or so. It was formed by Garmin Vicinti, a Fairlan robber, and Wallace Buergot, a Landon Business man and con artist. The two met while imprisoned and became good friends. After leaving the prison, they made a home in the great forest to the east and north of the Landon and Fairlan territories, respectively. This is where they and several mercenaries formed the syndicate, and this is where one of their major bases still lies.

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Expertise Edit

Members of the guild are gifted in many forms of combat and stealth, and usually are already somewhat mentally gifted, as the syndicate takes pride in not being full of "Dumb Brutes". They are known to be one of the largest and most well known criminal organizations in all of Terma.