Lieutenant Feurgner, formerly Captain Feurgner, is the administrative assistant to General Arant Mandolph Von Scnovts, as well as a soldier in the Garlant army.

Personality Edit

Lieutenant Feurgner is a tamed man. On the inside, he still holds resentment for the General, but thanks to punishments and promotions in return for bad and good behaviour, respectively, he has developed a persona that suits the needs of the General. He occasionally forgets to use the proper respect when speaking with the General, something that caused him the loss of a rank. His rank means more to him than his own tranquillity; He would have rather been flogged than receive the diminution.

Biography Edit

At some point, Captain Feurgner received the job of administrative assistant to the General. Although he excelled in this kind of work, he suffered under the tenure of General Arant Von Scnovts, eventually losing his rank and becoming a lieutenant.