Falgrn is a fire-dragon, one of the most ruthless in Terma, with a unique hatred for humans.

Personality Edit

Falgrn's life revolves around food, gold and power, like most dragons, but he is also inspired by a deep-seeded hatred for humans stemming from when the Garlants burnt the woods of his first home when he was just a hatchling. He hopes to inflict his revenge upon all of the humans throughout Terma.

Biography Edit

At a young age, Falgrn's home was destroyed by Garlants when they wished to create more room for their villages.

Later in his life, Falgrn attacked Ardin's Village and caused the Shcot's banishment. Shortly afterwards, he appeared to Leif Rimnis, Karthra Von Carax and the Phoenix. He roared an ominous warning to them as representatives of all Termans, before disappearing again, eluding the pursuit of the Phoenix.

The Phoenix proceeded to warn the nearby village of Sitheachdon that there was a possibility of a dragon attack, and in response defences were raised. By the time Falgrn attacked, the soldiers had begun to think that he wasn't coming. He destroyed at least one building, and lit several others ablaze. He was preparing to kill Karthra and Laire because of the former's Garlant nationality, but was distracted by the futile attack of Leif, who managed to get himself stuck on the dragon's back as it took flight. The Phoenix also attacked Falgrn, and the cunning dragon forced the Phoenix to a nearby lake, where it was killed. Falgrn (strangely) left the scene, seemingly content with the level of destruction that Sitheachdon had suffered.