Falcons are mid-sized birds that exist in the lands of Terma and Orma. Some species have been domesticated.

Territory Edit

Falcons are native to the mountains and the grasslands of Terma, but they have also been seen in the forests and on the coast line. They prefer areas with high vantage points, and will fight for nesting rites in such areas.

Appearance Edit

Falcons range in size from half a meter to a meter and a half. Their colouring varies depending on species.

Abilities Edit

Falcons have incredible eye-sight and are the fastest birds in Terma. Some say they can even outpace a Dragon. Falcons are also incredibly intelligent, and can be trained to understand commands from humans, much like a dog, except quicker and more extensively.

Because of these features, Falcons are used by various factions for different domestic purposes. The most common is the past time known as Falconry, wherein a trained Falcon is sent to hunt and retrieve small animals such as rodents.

Another common usage for falcons is message delivery. They are more reliable than Pigeons, but also far more expensive.

Legends Edit

The Falcon is mentioned in mythologies, but often overshadowed by beasts such as the Greater Eagle.