The Fairlans are a group of artistic, sophisticated folks.

Territory Edit

The Fairlans have a firm grip on the Southern shores of Terma, even colonising some islands in the ocean. To their East, and South, is the sea and several islands, while to the North are the Shcots and a swath of unclaimed land. To their West are the Landons.

Government Edit

The Fairlans use a primitive democracy, wherein they follow a Duke, who serves for 5 years. He has control of the military, taxes and the court. Also leading the Fairlans are 7 Princes, who serve for 10 years each, unless they become Duke. The Princes control trade and city affairs. Usually each Prince is in charge of one major City and its suburbs.

Origins Edit

The origin of the Fairlans is relatively unknown. However, legends say that this is what occurred...

In the beginning, a Landon artist left his village in the early times of the Landons, many years ago, and with him came a menagerie of others, including some prized ship builders and a blacksmith, all discontented by the king's demands. The seven men and their families set up a fort on the south shore, thinking it to be a wonderful place, they named it "The fair land" There after, Fredric Bernard, the artist, became the first duke.

History Edit

The Fairlans have always been known for their art. Many other factions see them as "Foolish", but they see themselves have "Sophisticated".

Expertise Edit

The Fairlans are very adept at art, in both their architecture and their adornments. They also have significant experience with seafaring journeys. Their ship mounted Ballistas are devastating.