Erinvale is a county in the Landon territory, currently administrated by the Countess Elizabeth Primis.

Geography Edit

Erinvale is located within viewing distance of some mountains and waterfalls. It is surrounded by forests and some farmland. Overall, the county is quite beautiful.

There is a road that runs from Erinvale from Ornton. This route leads through a large forest.

History Edit

More will be revealed about the mysterious and important history of Erinvale.

Etymology Edit

It is believed that the name "Erinvale" may stem from the first name "Erin" and the word "Valley. This would give "Erinvale" a meaning of "Erin's Valley". However, Erin was not a popular name during any exploratory point in Landon history, so some experts say that Erinvale must stem from a different word