Elizabeth Primis is the Landon Countess of Erinvale, whose plotting may someday lead her to the throne.

Personality Edit

Elizabeth his a calculating genius, very adept at swaying opinion and forming long-term plans. She is willing to use any resources at her disposal to get what she wants; presumably she wouldn't stop short of killing a competitor. She understands how to gain respect, as evidenced by the meticulous attention given to her appearance each day, an appearance that strikes both fear and honour into those around her.

Elizabeth always searches for new information, by way of reading books, interviewing knowledgeable persons, or travelling herself.

As evidenced by her willingness to consume a poison which she knew was dangerous, Elizabeth has proven to be very fearless and willing to face risks in return for first hand information; in this case, the exact effects of the poison.

Biography Edit

Elizabeth became the Countess of Erinvale in the year 201 AGC. How she obtained this title is unknown.

After she was made Countess, Elizabeth orchestrated a sway of public opinion which caused enormous support and adoration for her and a sense of resentment against the rest of the Landon kingdom, and specifically the Landon royalty.

In 209, the Countess was approached by the elder Terias, who offered her a poisonous concoction. After the woman had left, the Countess proceeded to experiment on herself to find the extent of the poison's danger. Discovering its effects, she took the antidote. Thereafter, the poison was a staple of her accessories when on diplomatic expeditions.

In the year 212, at the age of 43, Elizabeth's plans began to take affect. Count Orelius of Ornton invited her to meet him for discussions of an unknown nature. Along the route, she encountered Chelsette Fanlasi, who posed as the injured daughter of Fairlan nobility. Her small caravan took the girl to Ornton, where the group met with a platoon lead by Captain Loyset Haveron. The captain lead the caravan safely to the palace, where they were given accommodations for the first night.

However, Elizabeth had grown suspicious of Chelsette, who was calling herself Ellesibet Dametro. Poisoning the woman as a precautionary measure, she proceeded to have a conversation with her, in which she revealed her suspicions. Although originally denying the allegations, Chelsette eventually admitted she was a criminal, but warned that she would easily escape from any prison. Having different plans in mind, the Countess offered Chelsette a task: Steal documents from the Count of Ornton. Agreeing to the task, Chelsette was given the antidote to the poison, which had not yet begun to show its effects.