Elephants are large mammals that inhabit Orma .

Territory Edit

Elephants live in the land of Orma in forests and grasslands. They can survive in cold temperatures for a short time.

Appearance Edit

Elephants are large beasts that are primarily a grey color, with short hairs on their body. They have ears reminiscent of the asian elephant of earth. They are about 6.6 to 10 feet tall at the shoulder on average.

Abilities Edit

While smaller than Mammoths , Elephants are more common and can be used to carry people, cargo and other goods. They can also be used in farm work. In times of great war, Elephants can be fitted with armor to carry troops and trample horses and men.

Legends Edit

General Kai Beloa once crossed the Fenbien Mountains using Elephants.

Many Sholan scribes speculate that Elephants and Mammoths are related.