The Dragons of Terma are classic, power-hungry, naturally evil beasts.

Territory Edit

Being the strongest creatures in all of Terma, Dragons can live nearly wherever they wish to. Their only viable adversaries are the Garlants, who have suffered many Dragon attacks and have, accordingly, created advanced methods to kill them.

Generally, Dragons live in the Mountains or in caves.

Appearance Edit

Dragon appearances vary depending on the exact species, but all Dragons are very large, and very strong.

Fire Dragons Edit

Fire Dragons are a reddish colour, with a sand coloured underbelly. They have spikes along their back, and large, fierce heads. Their wings are very, very large.

Abilities Edit

Terman Dragons can fly long distances, and have very advanced healing powers. They can also sense the presence of ancient, mystical items, such as Ardin's sword.

Fire Dragons Edit

Fire Dragons have the ability to breathe fire. They are often considered the most aggressive and destructive Dragons in Terma.

Legends Edit

Legends in association with Dragons have existed since long before history existed. Here are some of the more important legends.

It is said that during the first great war of Terma, Dragons helped the different factions, all vying for the humans to destroy each other.

In Landon religion, Dragons represent the most pure form of evil. However, they are also one of the three symbols of royalty, a reminder to those in power of what corruption and greed can do.

In Sholan legends, Terman dragons are said to have invaded Orma once for gold, but were driven out by the monks, Spirits and intelligent Torgons.