Danlid Acmatsia is an old, crippled Sholan monk who lost the ability to travel long distances and was therefore forced to reside in Sitheachdon by the River.

Personality Edit

Danlid Acmatsia is a wise, up-front man. He doesn't hide his abilities, nor does he fear his fate. He lives knowing that his life matters only to him, and so he lives his life how he wishes to live it.

Biography Edit

Danlid was born in the Sholan territories. His life prior to his journey to Terma is unknown, except for the fact that he trained as a monk and priest.

At some point, he chose to venture to Terma, and specifically to the Shcot village of Sitheachdon. Something caused him to lose the use of one of his legs, stranding him in the village, where he gained some notoriety for his mental powers.

Danlid was eventually confronted by Ardin and Tergen, who were searching for a cure to vampirism. After impressing them with his powers, he revealed there may be a remedy guarded by the monks of Ghali, deep within Sholan territory.