Claus Von Snovance was the Garlant Intelligence Officer sent to spy on the Sholan. He was also a captain in the Garlant army.

Personality Edit

Captain Snovance was very loyal to the General. Rather than reveal his true purpose, he took his own life, however, even in his final correspondence, he sought forgiveness from the General, showing that he wanted his legacy to be one of loyalty.

Biography Edit

At some point, Captain Snovance was sent to spy on the Sholan by General Arant Von Scnovts, with a specific mission to look for the cure to an unknown affliction. However, after having discovered the existence of the cure, some details of his purpose were discovered by the Sholan. He sent a letter to the Garlant General, begging forgiveness, and then proceeded to commit suicide.

Companions Edit

He had no known companions.