Chickens are a domesticated bird used throughout Terma as a food source.

Territory Edit

Chickens are found throughout Terma and are used by most all factions in farming areas. There are wild birds similar to Chickens, these are more properly classified as Pheasants.

Appearance Edit

Despite the existence of many Chicken species, all of whom vary in size and shape, the most common chickens seem to be brown and black feathered Roosters with large combs, and white Hens with smaller combs.

The average Terman Rooster is 2ft tall and impressively large.

Values Edit

Chickens, like all birds, lay eggs. Their eggs are high in protein and other nutrients, while their meat is highly prized for its taste.

While being used as a meat and egg source makes them valued among farmers, the wealthy also keep Roosters to use in fights against other Roosters, this is referred to as "The War of the Birds" and is a form of gambling and settling disputes.

Legends Edit

While Chickens are fairly average animals, some claim that across the sea are chickens the size of a Horse. Unfortunately, it is more likely that this is just another representation of the mythical Moa.