Chelsette, known to most as Melissa, is the daughter of a wealthy Fairlan nobleman, she now works as a Thief for the Fox Syndicate.

Personality Edit

Melissa, is flirtatious, ditzy and happy on the outside. But in reality she is calculated, intelligent and sensitive. She loves to read and talk with her friends within the syndicate. She also has a love for small animals and horses. Her rebellious nature causes a love for fencing as well.

Biography Edit

At age 14, her father, who was a wealthy man, sent her to a school for girls. The school was meant to teach students how to be polite and proper. She took to this well, and became quite the lady. However, over the years, there were some things that she desired but was not allowed in the school: wine, fencing, horseback riding, and most of all, men.

She had learned to fence when she was young, her bodyguard Antonio showed her for protection reasons.

When she was fifteen, she started sneaking out of the school to get wine. One night, a man attempted to rob her. He insisted she give him her valuables, but she told him that first he needed to defeat her in a duel. Giving her a rapier, the two fought. It was like a dance to her, and after quite some time and dialogue, the man held his sword to her chest. Suddenly, she brought her sword around and disarmed him.

Impressed, the man told her where he was from: The Fox Thief Syndicate. He told her that he could teach her tricks of the trade, tricks that could make the world hers. Her rebellious spirit was realized and she joined him.

Now a fully fledged member, she uses her charm, wit, and seduction skills, to get whatever she wants.

At the age of 23, Melissa was working in Landon territory with some other Fox Thief Syndicate members when she confronted Countess Elizabeth Primis and her guards as they travelled to Ornton. Through her impressive acting skills and some flirtation, she convinced them that she was the stranded daughter of Fairlan nobility, and gained transport to Ornton. In a miraculous turn of events, the Countess deduced that Melissa was not the "Ellesibet Dametro" whom she claimed to be, and once Melissa confessed, the Countess offered her the task of stealing documents from the count of Ornton. Melissa eagerly agreed to the prospect of working for a rich woman such as the Countess.

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